DIRECTOR Nicola Camoglio

PRODUCER Ominous Picture, Arte Video with financial support from the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Swedish Film Institute and Fondazione di Sardegna.

Sweden 2022

“A Barren Path” (Original title: "Incappucciati, Foschi") is a thriller with western overtones, set during the 1970s in the Italian region of Sardinia. Clotilde and Mondino are a couple driving through the mountainous centre of the Italian island of Sardinia, at the height of the paranoia-charged era in Italian history known as the “Years of Led”. They are driving towards Nuoro, where they are to deliver a car that belongs to Mondino’s employer. But during this fateful journey, along dark and treacherous roads, they encounter a group of bandits and kidnappers, coming face to face with the terrifying reality of the time.

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